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Textile Sector Energy Conservation Case Studies

Sharif International Group is the exclusive distributor of Invertek Drives (UK) for Pakistan. We have extensive installations in the industrial sector throughout Pakistan ranging from textiles (spinning, weaving, dyeing/printing & stitching etc) to chemicals & engineering. As a leading energy conservation company in Pakistan we have continually demonstrated electrical energy savings to the tune of 25% – 70% on industrial machinery from China, New Zealand, Australia, USA & UK etc.

The benefits of installing Invertek VFD on industrial motors include immediate savings in electricity consumption, reduction of starting torque current to zero amperes, significant reduction in the size of generator, and considerable reduction in wear & tear of motors.

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Muhammad Farooq Sattar Industries, Korangi, Karachi.invertek-farooq-sattar-textile

  1. As a sequel to our participation in Textile Asia Fair in Expo Centre Karachi numerous energy conservation demonstrations were performed in the textile sector industries of Karachi. Almost all the sub sectors of textile e.g. spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing showed outstanding electrical energy conservation figures of 30-60% Many of the people were surprised by the impressive electrical energy savings.
  2. At the spinning unit of Muhammad Farooq Sattar Industries in Korangi a demonstration was provided on a 7.5 kW induction motor that had been re-furbished many times before.
  3. On this motor the starting Current I was reduced from 37 Amps to 0.2 Amps, whereas the running Amps were brought down from 7 to 2.8 Amps. A saving ofinvertek-farooq-sattar-textile2more than 60% About 55 similar motors are installed in just one unit here, imagine the saving possibilities here technically and financially. These savings when translated into very cost effective and competent finished products directly mean larger exports.
  4. There was no adverse impact on the spinning and quality of finished materials.
  5. An Invertek Optidrive VTC 7.5 kW VFD  was utilized to achieve this amazing feat.

Lucky Industries, SITE, Karachi.Invertek-vfd-lucky-industries-jet-dyeing

  1. Lucky Industries are a prominent name in high quality textile processing and exporting. A high output jet dyeing unit was presented to us for energy conservation opportunities. The said unit utilizes 12 3 phase induction motors of 11 kW at 400 VAC.
  2. One such motor was fitted with an Invertek Optidrive VTC VFD. The high starting torque required, generated 156 Amps starting current and thereupon the running Amps consumed were 18.3.
  3. On this motor the starting Current was reduced from 156 Amps to 0.2 Amps, whereas the running Amps were brought down from 18.3 to 12 Amps. A saving of more than 34% on this continuous load application speaks volumes of the energy efficient Invertek Drives.
  4. There was no adverse impact on the performance of the jet dyeing unit and quality of finished materials.
  5. Invertek Optidrive VTC VFD was utilized to achieve this feat.Invertek-vfd-lucky-industries-jet-dyeing2

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