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Solar Systems, Wind Power Generation, Energy Conservation & LVD Lamps References

Solar Street Lights for Jharikass – Azad Kashmir.

Sharif International has been chosen to install a pair each of solar street lights for Azad Kashmir Bridges. The first installation was done in Jharikass. As usual world class highly energy efficient and high illumination LVD lamps have been utilised to power an unbelievable illumination from a minuscule 23W self ballasted LVD lamp at 6500 Kelvin color temperature.

The results and quality of work are here for your perusal, be it the pole quality, the integration components or the German solar modules, Sharif International has a total commitment to quality and value for money solutions for all.


Solar Home Systems Providing Power to CFLs and Mobile Phone Chargers throughout Swat Valley.

As part of solar electrification of 600+ homes in the Swat Valley, Sharif International has accomplished the first phase of 315 SHSs.

The most deserving and far off communities were chosen to benefit from this scheme. Now the beneficiaries have 3 CFLs each as well as a mobile charger per home. Almost all of the communities were off grid and used to burn kerosene oil and wood for their lighting needs. Now they are saving at least Rs. 1,500 each per month because of newly installed solar home systems. On top of this there are many health benefits for the dwellers due to absence of smoke and soot in their huts.

Some of the main Union Councils include UC Kalagei, UC Dewlay, UC Shamozee, UC Kanju, UC Barikot, UC Bazdara, & UC Sarsenay Kabal. Each Union Council consists of many villages, most of which are in the beneficiaries list.


Solar Home Systems and Solar Street Lights for Mirpur Sakhro Sindh.

Most rural communities in Sindh live far off from the electricity grid. At times the geographical challenges limit grid connection.

In addition to other on going projects in the area, Sharif International has provided 53 Solar Home Systems and 53 Solar Street Lights to the Mirpur Sakhro area communities. The area is near the historical city of Thatta.

What difference this intervention has brought for the target communities can be witnessed underneath.


A Demonstration Solar LVD Street Light Graces DHA Islamabad.

Due to the never ending episodes of power failure in Pakistan solar street lights offer a promising new avenue. While proposing solar solutions it is our effort to economise the target load as much as might reasonably be possible. Our hi-tech LVD lights do exactly the same. With illumination that rivals equivalent 150W HPS our 40W LVD lamps turn on the magic at DHA Islamabad.

Have a look at the amazing illumination being provided by a meagre 40W L|VD Lamp. For technical buffs the foot print of the LVD solar street light should be of tremendous interest!


Playing Football in Swat under Solar Flood Lights.

Yes, you read it right. Swat folks in Barikot area now have access to a well lit football pitch that has been powered by solar PV.

We have done it again. In these difficult to reach areas, raising the flag of renewable energy is definitely a challenge. But then, Sharif International is used to accepting challenges that others find hard to achieve.

Here’s a pictorial for you!


OEM PV Module Frames, LT Panels, Switchgear, Wind Masts & DBs Fabrication Facilities at Sharif International.

Being a major player in the renewable energy arena, Sharif International has in-depth knowledge and expertise of practical and on site challenges faced by system integrators.

It is no wonder that most larger companies, mobile operators and industries bank on us for their hi-tech LT Panels, DBs, Wind Masts and PV Frames.

We have complete in-house production and fabrication workshop at our Islamabad setup. The last OEM order completed was of a multinational operator for their clustered PV array frames.


Energy Audit at a Major Mobile Operator Identifies 67% Energy Conservation Potential!

More than 67% Energy Conservation Potential has been identified through a detailed (investment grade) Energy Audit of one of the largest and oldest cellular operators in Pakistan. Main 14 corporate offices were the subject of the audit, housing admin, operations, CSC and HR.

Many areas like HVAC, Illumination, IT, Escalators etc. were probed and saving areas were pointed along with recommendations and ROI analysis.

The project is in the implementation stage and it is expected that more 35% Energy Conservation projects would be completed before December 2010. The Annual Financial saving will be to the tune of PKR 37 million.


72% Energy Conservation at Shell Petrol Pump Tarnol.

In a recently competed pilot project by Sharif International, one Shell Diesel Filling Station at Tarnol Rawalpindi, more than 72% conservation has been achieved on top of better illumination. The feat has been achieved largely by replacing the inefficient and high energy consuming HPS lamps with extremely the Energy Efficient & Environment friendly and Long Lasting LVD Induction Lamps.

Previously the overall load profile of the Diesel Filling Station was more than 19.5 kW while after conservation it has been reduced to less than 5.7 kW! Before the utility bills were so costly that even necessary lights like canopy side lights and canopy down lights were switched off. Now despite more than 72% energy conservation the illumination levels are many times better than before.

Next time you pass the area have a look for yourself!


Deemas Super Store at Abbottabad adopts LVD and saves a massive 60% off its illumination costs.

Deemas Super Store at Abbottabad Pakistan offers choice stuff to a well off neighbourhood. The offerings in addition to usual grocery stuff include a charming Cafe’ and an exotic BBQ all housed in a large building. The complex also offers a large car park at the back.

The owners here were not happy with the lighting installed because of poor illumination and soaring electricity bills. After many other failed attempts Sharif International was contacted to rectify the situation. After installation of appropriate LVDs in the building, facade and parking lot, the illumination load has been reduced by a staggering 60%.

Just see what it means to conserve energy by way of LVDs and get even brighter illumination.


Solar Energy Systems Installed by Sharif International Covered in a Dawn News Documentary

Many hundreds of renewable energy installations have been done by Sharif International in the Sindh & Baluchistan area of Pakistan on top of other country wide installations.

The difference that these systems have made to the target communities and how they are serving the cause of eco conservation is highlighted by this Dawn News documentary that is being given underneath courtesy Dawn News Channel.

3kW Solar PV Renewable Energy Solution for an entire office in the Middle of a Desert.

Imagine having an office in the middle of a desert with absolutely no power whatsoever and the nearest dwelling is 25 km away, you can be sure that you are in Sanghar Sindh! The folks here were looking for an experienced and reliable alternate energy company that offered one stop solution. Sharif International was the natural choice again.

With a robust 3080Wp of solar PV arrays and MorningStar USA controller the office now can turn a city office green with envy. The main activities taking place in this wilderness are those that matter conservation and co-ordination with the desert communities.

Enjoy the virtual tour right here.


Wind – Solar Hybrid Solution for an entire office on the banks of Keenjhar Lake.

Keenjhar Lake near Thatta in Sindh Pakistan is a conservation heaven for lovers of wildlife and vegetation. It is also home to International NGOs which are continuously striving to uplift the area and ensure conservation. One such large international NGO requested Sharif International to install a wind/solar hybrid solution for its entire office at the edge of the huge lake.

It was a tough job installing the turbine on uneven rocks right next to the fresh water Keenjhar Lake. The result is in front of you with a 1kW Hummer Wind Turbine and 1.35kW of Solar PV modules serving the entire office. World renowned Hummer hybrid Charge Controller is at the heart of the system. With this impressive design the renewable energy office system keeps the battery banks charged and in tip top condition to get going for a tough day ahead, any day and every day of the year.

Solar PV Home Systems for Remote Desert Communities.

Sanghar (Sindh) and beyond is a harsh and hostile area from the point of view of dwelling. Although the people living in this area are very hardy and ingenious, still day to day life here is nothing short of a continuous challenge. Add to this the unavailability of grid electricity and we have what is know as Baqar Village. The different adjoining villages are right in the middle of a large desert.

Sharif International was again the choice of multinational NGOs to provide small solar home systems to these communities. As a part of this project many dozens of localities have been provided solar renewable energy. The village folk have appreciated this positive step and are thrilled to witness their dark nights finally lit up by none other than mother nature itself!


Hummer Wind Turbine Turns on the Magic in Remote Bhoori Village.

Deep in the Creeks of Keti Bandar area is the fishing village of Bhoori. Far away from the grid and with no chance of any electricity in the near future, Hummer Wind Turbine has turned on the magic for the village folk. This 500 Watts turbine has been paired with two 125 Watts CentroSolar German solar modules to create the ideal solution.

Hummer Wind Turbines boast a rated wind speed of only 7-8 m/s and if the wind speed increases to 12 m/s then its power automatically doubles to 1kW! Due to this very feature and a robust design it only takes 3 hours for this Hummer Turbine to fully charge the battery bank that lights up 29 huts for 6 hours at least. The fishing community is over joyed by this new revolution in their lives that provides illumination and electricity to charge their mobiles etc.


Garrison Recreational Park, Bahawalpur has a Taste of Renewable Energy!

Lately Bahawalpur Garrison Recreational Park’s illumination has been entirely converted to renewable energy. World famous Sun Earth USA solar PV modules are the main power generators here, coupled with Morning Star USA Charge Controllers & EverExceed UK Sine Wave Inverters. The result is a flawless and meticulously designed system that keeps the battery banks in tip top condition round the clock.


Highly Efficient & Energy Saving LVD Lamps Make a Real Difference to the Textile Sector

Lately the Textile Sector has been crippled with numerous challenges like high overheads and ever increasing energy costs. In this bleak scenario hi-tech LVD industrial illumination solutions offered by Sharif International are making all the difference to textile mills. One such large textile unit opting for the switch from fluorescent tube lights to LVD lamps is currently enjoying 60%+ savings as compared to previous bills on top of better illumination. The design of LVD lamps is eye catching to say the least.

With savings of this magnitude there is an ample potential for all textile units to look in to this extremely exciting new technology that offers a five years warranty for your peace of mind.

Utilisation of Abundant Wind and Solar Resources of Baluchistan

Of late Sharif International has been spanning the expanses of Baluchistan from Dasht near the Iran border to Ormara. Hybrid systems are very successful in Baluchistan areas bordering the seashore due to their dual potential. The inclusion of an appropriate wind turbine helps to drive down the price of the whole system dramatically. Many different installations go to our credit which have been designed, procured, installed and commissioned by Sharif International.

The Sun Finally Dawns on Fishing Communities in Sindh

Sharif International is the partner of choice with major international donors and NGOs working for the uplift of impoverished rural communities. One such area is the huge wetland adjacent to Keti Bandar and Shahbandar. These folks have never witnessed lighting in their huts other than portables torches. The advent of latest solar home kits from Sharif International in their huts is a dawn of a bright new era. Two of the pics highlight fabrication of solar module frames and wind turbine masts at our Karachi office. Enjoy these captivating moments from the Wetlands!

Benefitting from the Wind Potential at Keenjhar Lake (Kalri Jheel)

Extensive solar PV, wind and hybrid installations have been done by Sharif International in the Keenjhar and adjoining areas. Good wind resource allows cost effective hybrid systems that are suitable for homes, mosques and community places.

Multan Cantonment Park Goes Green!

One of the best and most effective energy conservation is the solar powered application of street/garden lights. One such installation by Sharif International is at Multan Cantonment Park. Here, numerous garden and street lights have been installed by Sharif International. Have a glimpse of these great Eco friendly lights right here.

Hybrid Systems in the Heart of Himalayas

A great experience full of enjoyable moments for us was the installation of hybrid systems amidst lofty snow capped mountains in the remote North of Pakistan. One of the sites was Baroghil – Lashkar Gaz. See the joy of people on seeing the house light up in the middle of nowhere.

Cholistan Villages Brightening Up through Solar Home Kits

Seeing the smiling faces of desert folk in the Cholistan after their huts were lightened up with solar power was the ultimate achievement of Sharif International. As part of this campaign that lasted two months, 140 remote homes in different parts of Cholistan were electrified by Sharif International on behalf of the Cholistan Development Authority. The home kit included 5-6 CFLs, DC Fan and mobile charger attachments. Quality CentroSolar PV modules from Germany are the driving force behind these systems.


Energy Saving LVD Lights for Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad

As a part of its ongoing struggle against global warming and GHG emissions Sharif International group had the privilege of installing highly efficient energy saving solar lights at the Islamabad head office of Allama Iqbal Open University.

The said lights of 23W each were installed in a multitude of street light poles as well as main intersections of the campus. These lights will save this prestigious institution tremendous amounts of finance in the shape of reduced utility bills and help to conserve the nature by reducing GHGs.


PowerGen Expo, Lahore. 10th of December 2009

Sharif International Participated in this very important government sponsored expo on power generation and power saving. The expo was very successful with Sharif International displaying cutting edge VFD technoloies from Invertek Drives UK and other allied energy conservation technologies like LVD Luminaries’. Most of the visitors were very eager to learn about energy conservation opportunities offered by Sharif International.

Many dignitaries from the government ministries as well as PEPCO, Zarai Taraqiati Bank and high officials from the industrial sectors thronged our stall.


Invertek Drives UK, Mr. Light HID Saver & New Solar Solutions Launching Ceremony

As partners of ENERCON in energy conservation and alternate energy solutions Sharif International was invited to showcase its’ portfolio of solutions and products in a colourful ceremony held at the ENERCON head office building in Islamabad on 31st Jan 2009. The Honourable Federal Minister for Environmental Affairs was the chief guest accompanied by the Secretaries and MD ENERCON and other relevant staff. On this occasion numerous energy conservation techniques and devices were demonstrated and explained to the Honourable Minister by the CEO Mr. Tariq Khattak and the Dir Operations Mr. Hasnat Ahmed.

The CEO also briefed the delegation about the newly introduced Invertek Drives from UK, as well as solar power applications and devices. The Dir Operations explained the working principle of VFDs and the energy huge saving potential for the industrial sector that they harness. Another star of the show was Mr. Light HID Lighting Saver. The Honourable Minister took a keen interest in Mr. Light and was delighted to know that it could save more than 38% electricity when installed on HPS street lamps. The MD ENERCON Mr. Faridullah Khan gave a presentation on this subject to the delegation. He emphasised that more than 3 MW of electricity can be saved just by implementation of Mr. Light in Islamabad Street Lights alone. To witness the event some pictures are here for conservation enthusiasts. {gallery}galleries/enercon{/gallery}

Mr. Light HID Lighting Saver Installed at Karachi Port Trust

The Karachi Port Trust is a premier organisation of Pakistan, handling the staple sea shipping activity. The port area has dozens of HPS Lighting Masts housing many hundreds of lights in all. Mr. Light HID Lighting Saver is providing a valuable 20% plus electricity conservation to KPT. The following few pictures brief the installation activity at KPT. {gallery}galleries/kpt{/gallery}

DHA Creek Karachi – Solar Street Light Installation

Sharif International was contacted to install a demonstration solar street light in the DHA Karachi Creek Area to assess its suitability and aesthetics. An LVD based solar street light (40 Watts x 2) was erected on the 11th of March 2009. All high ranking officials from DHA Karachi were present to witness the occasion.

All those present noticed the crisp white light and better illumination of hi-tech 80 Watts LVD lighting compared to the 250 Watts HPS lamps installed right across the road. In reality the newly introduced LVD lighting technology boasts of almost 40% energy conservation compared to HPS for similar or better illumination and a much better CRI.

Here’s a pictorial..


Textile Asia Expo, Karachi

Earlier this year Sharif International Participated in a hugely successful Textile Asia Industrial Expo at Karachi Expo Centre. Cutting edge VFD technologies from Invertek Drives UK were on display and attracted thousands of curios visitors. Most of the industrial visitors were very eager to learn about energy conservation opportunities offered by Invertek Drives UK.

As a result of these many successful energy savings demonstrations were performed on site by Sharif International throughout the industrial areas of Karachi.

Among many other dignitaries visiting our display were the Honourable Federal Minister for Textiles. Here’s an ode to the occasion.


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