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Energy Efficient Lamps

AnotherLVD_V1 first from Sharif International is the introduction of revolutionary new electrode-less lamps from Shanghai Hongyuan. These highly efficient energy saving lamps are also known as LVD lamps. With an efficiency on 98-99% these super luminaries turn the competition green with envy. Up till now traditional CFLs also known as so called energy savers have a power factor of only around 0.5!

Less maintenance fee and lower energy consumption but higher lighting quality is the hallmark of this new lighting technology.LVD_SD1

Loaded with features, that at first seem too good to be true LVD lamps have an average life span of 100,000 hours. As a matter of fact we proudly offer a 5 years warranty on these superb devices. Needless to say that they are a clean cut above the rest.

To accustom yourself with their excellent features and specifications see the appropriate brochures underneath.

LVD Lamps General Details:5_year_warranty


LVD Fixtures:


LVD Luminaires’ for Roads and Highways:


LVD Lamps and Fixtures for Office:


LVD Tunnel and Underpass Fixtures


LVD Lamps and Fixtures for Gas/Petrol Stations:


Industrial High Bay LVD Fixtures: