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Solar Modules

Solara Series PV Modules from CentroSolar Germany

Sharif International are Distributors of CentroSolar Germany for their entire range of products including Morning Star Charge Controllers from USA and Studer Inverters from Switzerland.  The Solara Modules are all “Made in Germany”. These hi

gh performance and high quality modules withstand the hardest environmental conditions such as hail, ice, humidity and extreme hot weather. The Solara Modules are extremely reliable and have a 26 years performance guarantee. The front is made of tempered glass and for easy mounting every module has a rigid hollow profile aluminium frame that can be drilled.

Solara Modules generate very reliable solar power for on-grid and off-grid applications, as well as residential and utility-scale solar power systems. Our crystalline photovoltaic modules are designed and manufactured to comply with very strict international quality standards. Our strong design, procurement and production efforts ensure that our module products generate high solar power and take up small spaces. Backed by our 26-year warranty on power output, our modules bring lasting values. Some of their major solar PV module ranges include the following series:


  • Industry leading power tolerance
  • 48 Hour Response
  • Local Technical Support
  • Local Warehouses
  • German manufacturing techniques
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • More than 600MW Installed Worldwide
  • High Quality Raw Materials
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Enhanced Design for Easy Installation and Long Term Reliability
  • 26-year Guarranty on Power Output;