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H320 Series

H320 Series High Speed Inverter

H320 Series Typical Applications:

High speed spinning machines, machine tools applications and more.

H320 Series Features:

  • Power range: 0.75 – 18.5KW
  • Input voltage range: 220V±20%,380V±20%,415V±15%
  • Output frequency: 0 – 2500Hz
  • Unique software design to achieve lowest noise level
  • 1 – 15KHz carrier frequency
  • Cooling fan On/Off selectable: Reduce energy consumption of inverter
  • Automatic energy saving: Adjust output voltage and slip frequency compensation timely to make motor work at the highest efficiency
  • Automatic voltage regulation: Automatically keeps the output voltage stable when input voltage is fluctuating
  • RS485 communication supports standard Modbus-RTU protocol