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Hummer Turbine FAQs

Q: Are the Hummer Inverters CE & UL 1741 and CSA Certified?

A: Yes, Hummer turbines are CE certified and awaiting UL 1741 and CSA Certification. It is expected to be completed by the end of the 2nd Quarter of 2010.

Q: How long has Anhui Hummer Dynamo been in business?

A: Nearly 20 years. Prior to manufacturing small wind turbines, the company manufactured generators for the military.

Q: How long has the turbine line been offered as production models, available for sale not in the beta stage?

A: 10 years.

Q: How many production models have been sold to ordinary customers in 2009?

A: There are 7 current models of wind turbines in the Hummer line and 4,327 have been sold this year as of October 2009.

Q: How many of the turbines sold to date are still operational?

A: While we do not have exact detailed numbers, well over 10,000.

Q: How frequently is your turbine technology seen design changes or updates and what are the changes?

A: We always keep our products up to date, including the figure design, the inside structure and material of the products, etc. For example, we found that the main bearing on older products was not strong enough so we have upgraded to an imported SKF bearing to ensure longevity.

Q: Do your small wind turbines meet the proposed AWEA small wind turbine performance and safety standards?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a performance guarantee for turbine output?

A: No. There are too many variables involved in the basic installation and site evaluation to guarantee performance output. Things such as tower height, surrounding terrain and average wind speeds surrounding the installation of any wind turbine will affect performance.

Q: What rate of warranty work has the turbines required?

A: 3%.

Q: How can one shutdown the turbine in the event of an emergency or high winds?  Is the shutdown mechanism reliable at any speed?

A: Wind turbines size 2kw and below have mechanical yaw over-speed protection. Wind turbines size 3kw and above have electrical over speed protection, where in which the CPU monitors the real time data of the wind turbines, and when the wind speed is 20m/s or higher, the controller will turn the wind turbine out of the wind and cause a shutdown. The wind turbines will yaw out of the wind at 20m/s to regulate the speed with a complete shutdown wind speed of 25m /s. There is also a button on all Hummer wind turbines to make the two output wires short circuit, which will stop the wind turbine blades manually.

Q: What type of generator does Hummer manufacture?

A: All Anhui Hummer generators are single-phase, permanent-magnetic, synchronous, brushless alternators.

Q: What is the inverter phase configuration?

A: Single phase: one live wire and one neutral. Three phase: three live wires and one neutral (standard), and we can customize according to your requirements.

Q:  Can you explain the high power yields and efficiency of your turbines versus your competitors?

A: Hummer small wind turbines are permanent magnetic generators located in the hub of the turbine, forward of the blades. Our turbines have large wind swept areas and are direct drive, not gear driven. Our turbine generators operate at 80% to 85% efficiency and the engineering and design of our turbine technology is state of the art. For an independent kWh assessment, please visit the site below and input the following information regarding the Hummer small wind turbine you are interested in. Rotor diameter, mean wind speed, cut-in wind speed, turbine efficiency (the site goes to 59% efficiency) and Weibull shape parameter (use 2 if your unsure). http://www.reuk.co.uk/Calculate-kWh-Generated-by-Wind-Turbine.htm

Q: Where can I see a Hummer wind turbine in operation in North America?

A: After spending the last 10 years developing, selling and installing thousands of Hummer wind turbines in 30 countries around the globe, Hummer Wind Power, LLC is in the process of building our North American Hummer Dealer Network. After UL 1741 and CSA Certification we will provide a list of Hummer turbine installations on this web site.

Q: How quite are the Hummer wind turbines?

A: Hummer wind turbines are very quiet. The Noise db(A) range from the 500 Watt to the 20kW is 29 db(A) to 34 db(A). To get an idea of what that means, please visit:  http://www.makeitlouder.com/Decibel%20Level%20Chart.txt

Q: Where are Hummer wind turbines manufactured?

A: Hummer wind turbines are manufactured in the Anhui Providence of China by Anhui Hummer Dynamo Co., LTD.  While the turbines are manufactured in China, Hummer Wind Power, LLC holds all the warranty liability on all turbines sold in North America.

Q: What type of Warranty comes with a Hummer wind turbine?

A: All Hummer wind turbines come with a standard 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Q: Who provides the annual service and maintenance on the Hummer turbines and after the Warranty period, is there a service and maintenance fee?

A: All warranty issues will be handled by your Authorized Hummer Dealer and annual service and maintenance can be handled by either the owner or the dealer. After the warranty period is over there is a fee for ongoing service and maintenance. Check with your Hummer Dealer for the costs associated with continued service and maintenance.

Q: What benefits do your Permanent Magnetic Generators (PMG) provide and how does that differentiate your turbine technology from others?

A: Our Permanent Magnetic Generator ‘in-the-hub’ technology requires zero maintenance, yields higher power output and is lightweight. PMG technology is state of the art and differentiates itself to expensive gear driven generators that once they break down, have to be rebuilt and require a more strict maintenance regime.

Q: I’ve noticed that some turbine manufactures use 3rd party Inverters for Grid Tied applications and are usually piggy-backed together for 10kW and above turbines. How are your Inverters different?

A: Hummer’s Inverters are manufactured by Anhui Hummer Dynamo. Hummer Inverters are contained within a single housing unit. This cuts down on installation time and maintenance.

Q: Do the Hummer wind turbines use any type of braking system?

A: Yes. When the wind turbine needs to shut down manually for maintenance or the controller senses a problem (such as extreme wind speed), the wind turbine is rotated parallel to the wind to bring the blades to a very slow spin. The controller then causes an automatic circuit override which uses the permanent magnets within the generator to bring the blades to a complete stop.

Q: Do your wind turbines require cable untwisting?

A: No. Hummer turbines come equipped with a slip ring yaw that requires no cable untwisting.

Q: Can you tell me about your Company and your experience in the small wind turbine industry?

A: Sharif International is a renowned group of companies pioneering renewable energy in Pakistan since the last many years. We have to our credit extensive alternate energy installations throughout the country. A glimpse of selected references can be had at: http://sharifinternational.net/gallery/. After an exhaustive study of more than a dozen wind turbines through out the globe, we found the exact turbine that fits in the national needs of Pakistan. Most other American, European and Chinese wind turbines have a high rated wind speed in excess of 11 m/s. This effectively renders them useless from the point of view of Pakistan, since wind resource available is not very strong. Hence most windy areas in Pakistan only have a mean average wind speed of around 6-7 m/s. Hummer’s smaller turbines are rated at 7-8 m/s, making them a natural choice for the local environment. Sharif International is now the authorised distributor of the full range of Anhui Hummer Dynamo products for Pakistan.

Q: Can your small wind turbines be remotely monitored?

A: Yes. Our Grid-Tied turbines come with PC software that can be monitored from anywhere around the globe as long as there is an internet connection available.

Q: Can your turbines be manually overridden?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have an agricultural irrigation system available for your turbines?

A: Yes. Hummer turbines can be set up as an Off Grid system to power water irrigation systems. Sharif International can provide wind and wind/solar hybrid water pumping solutions.

Q: Are your turbines solar compatible?

A: Yes. Hummer inverters are wind/solar hybrid inverters.

Q: What is the life span of a Hummer turbine?

A: Projected life span with a maintained maintenance program is a minimum of 25 to 30 years.

Q: What type of maintenance do you recommend on your Hummer turbines?

A: On sizes 500W to 2kW, there is no maintenance required on the turbine itself. On the 3kW and higher turbine models we recommend checking the gearbox oil level once per year. We recommend on all models to check the guy wires (guyed towers) or connection bolts (monopole and freestanding lattice towers) once a year to make sure they remain tight.

Q: Do your Permanent Magnetic Generators require any maintenance?

A: No, they are factory sealed.

Q: What is the typical return on investment of your turbines?

A: That depends on the size of the turbine and the local utility tariff and taxes in your area. If you have net metering program in your area then a realistic return on investment for a 20kW Hummer small wind turbine is 2-3 years. On average in Pakistan you can expect a realistic payback of 10+ years depending on the price of electricity and the average wind speed in your area.

Q: Do you sell direct to the public?

A: Yes. However, to insure proper installation and continued operation of all Hummer small wind turbines we prefer our trained Dealer Network for all consumer sales. Our Dealer Network will help ensure that you purchase the right turbine for your needs and will help you with everything from evaluating the site of your turbine to permissions as well as ongoing maintenance and any warranty work should it be required.

Q: On your Grid Tied system, if the power grid goes down, do you have any protection built into your system?

A: Yes, we have a built in unloading system that cuts off power to the grid and is fully automated.

Q: What types and sizes of tower’s do you offer?

A: Hummer currently manufacturers an 18m Guyed Wire, 18m Wireless-climbable, 30m and 40m Monopole-climbable. We also have relationships with other tower manufacturers that provide freestanding lattice towers as well as mechanical towers. We can also offer a mechanical tilting tower in an 18m height for those areas that have extremely high winds that don’t need a high tower height and find a need to bring the turbine down for protection (in coastal areas for example).

Q: What type of training and certification are Hummer Dealers required to do before becoming Dealers?

A: All Hummer Network Dealers are required to attend product and installation training and certification prior to installing any of our products. They are also required to have industry experience and the personnel on staff to meet provincial and federal industry requirements.

Q: What type of protection do your wind turbines have for high wind speed?

A: When the Anemometer measures a wind speed in excess of 65 mph, the controls will turn the wind turbine 30 deg out of the wind to regulate speed. If the blades are still rotating too fast the controls will turn the wind turbine a full 90 deg and shut down. It will then monitor wind speed every 10 minutes and decide if it is ok to start back up or stay shut down.

Q: What phase are your wind turbines?

A: All Hummer turbines from 20kW and down are single phase. The Hummer inverters can be configured for either single or three phases.

Q: If you are installing more than one wind turbine can you wire the inverters in tandem on the same meter?

A: Yes.

Q: Can Hummer wind turbines be setup with a back up diesel generator in an Off Grid set up?

A: Yes. Using an ATS (automatic transfer switch) a diesel generator can be set up to automatically switch on when the wind turbine is not producing enough electricity.

Q:  What colours do your turbines come in?

A: Currently only White.

Q: Are Hummer turbines harmful to the environment and birds or other wild life?

A: Hummer turbines are not harmful to the environment, in fact they greatly help to reduce dependence on other forms of energy that are harmful to the environment such as fossil fuels. There is less of a chance of a bird being harmed by a wind turbine than that of a fossil fuel burning jet liner taking off on a runway.

If you have any other specific questions that you would like answered please direct the question here.